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Holy Trinity Retreat Center is a promise kept.  It was born from a vision in 2006 and
completed six months later.  The Center consists of a large “Team House”, an 11,000
sq. ft. complex that consists of a classroom/dining room/kitchen, 44 bedrooms and a
unique round chapel dug into the earth.  The bedrooms and chapel (Kiva) are made of
compressed adobe bricks, all made on-site.  

Holy Trinity Retreat Center is nestled near the tranquil historic Hueco Mountain area
in far east El Paso.  The use of new technology for the adobe bricks utilized in the
building process creates an atmosphere unique to The Center.  The compressed
adobes are a tribute to the past and symbolize an effort to instill a feeling of
simplicity and an eco-friendly accent to the Center.

The Kiva (chapel) evokes a strong spiritual awareness and tranquility.  The Kiva
design is simple and yet powerfully built.  The Kiva is dug three feet into the earth
and symbolizes an interphase between mother earth and humanity.  Visitors “walk
into the earth” and are awed by the beauty of the adobe and century old benches.

Volunteers have been an integral to the building of Holy Trinity Retreat Center.  
Volunteers, too many to name, have given time and talent to help make the Center a
reality.  From making and setting adobes, cleaning, assembling furniture and
donating articles, the volunteers were like individual adobes that made the walls
stronger and transferred the love into the Center.

The grounds are home to numerous animals.  Quail, owls, dove, road runners,
rabbits, lizards and  migratory birds  are common on the 15 acre area.  The desert was
home for many of these animals before the Center was built and all wildlife is treated
with respect.

The main house is a 5 bedroom, 4 bath home with an office and an upstairs balcony.  
The house also has a large den that can be used for meetings and an inside chapel for
prayer and meditation.  The house can hold 10-16 people comfortably and the Kiva
can  sit 100-150 people.  There are 44 bedrooms, most with 3 beds.  
Dates for 2011 are still available. Although the majority of the weekend retreats are
being taken up by the local ACTS Community; any group or faith is welcome.  
Reservations will be held with an initial deposit and a payment schedule is available
for groups. A second house is also available for smaller groups.  The second house can
accomodate 16 people comfortably and has an attached classroom, as well. Please call
for information (915-373-8100) or email us at   or  A new classroom/dining room building will
be built by March-March 2011 and will accomodate other groups simultaneously.

Holy Trinity Retreat Center is unique in that adobe brick was used to build the
majority of the buildings.  Throughout the Center, adobe brick can be seen.  The
adobes are made using compressed earth technology, using specially designed mixes
from local soils.  The bricks are compressed at @ 2400 psi.  Adobe bricks are easy to
set and instructions are readily available by Dr. Mena, founder and president of Holy
Trinity Retreat Center.  Adobe bricks can also be bought from Holy Trinity Retreat
Center for homebuilding, landscaping, etc.  Please call the Center (915-373-8100) for
prices, quantities and availability.

If you would like to volunteer individually or as a group to make adobe bricks, please
call “Doc” to make arrangements…all help is welcome.  Adobe making is a great
work-out and fun at the same time.  Plans for 2010 include outdoor meditation rooms
and meditation/prayer paths.  Many of the new projects will be built using sandbags.
A new building for Reconciliation  and a dorm style building were finished this past
summer.  Three prayer rooms will be completed during November and December 2010.
14548 Simpson Rd.
El Paso, TX 79938